CBT phone sex

I am a Sadist and I love pain play or CBT (cock and ball torture).  Can you call me even if you are not into pain?  Sure.  We can still explore your appetite for submission and discuss your other interests.  But if you find yourself drawn to me for long term training, you will eventually learn to like physical pain.

BE WARNED!  Almost all of my long term callers came to me for softer “erotic Domination” and now are deeply submissive and devoted playthings who happily thank me when I give them the gift of pain.  Pain offers you a way to physically experience my power.  My abuse takes you out of your head and away from your own selfish sexual impulses.  Plus, it releases endorphins.   Plus, your growing love for suffering will be an easy way to measure my influence.

In time, you will get real pleasure from offering yourself to me for physical abuse.  Just because it pleases me.  You will thank me for hurting you.


Psychological Domination phone sex

Is humiliation a form of mental abuse?  Even when it involves so much laughter?  I don’t know.  I just know I love to explore your weaknesses and your embarrassing appetites.  I love eliciting confessions.  I love turning you inside out and poking all your squishy spots.  Making you weaker.  Making you mine.

BE WARNED!  My power can be addictive.  All consuming.  The desire to please me at all costs can lead you to some pretty humiliating activities and proclivities.

Emasculation, sissification, bisexual exploitation, cuckolding, objectification, CFNM, small penis humiliation, sexual inadequacies, mental defects, physical failings – all of your flaws are fair game when I am taking you deeper and deeper.  You will thank me for hurting you.


Financial Domination phone sex

Now, this is the really kinky part.  This is the true freakiness that will blow your mind when it happens.  If you answer the call to serve me with true devotion, you will learn to get an erotic charge from giving me your money and getting nothing in return.  I know.  It sounds crazy.  It IS crazy.  But so is paying a woman to torment you.

Financial Domination is true and lasting Domination, not just a fantasy.  And if you have been just standing on the sidelines laughing at the FinDom slaves and stroking about the thought of it, then you have no clue.  You can not know the tingling, the butterflies you will feel when you are about to click a big scary tribute button until you actually put your money on the line and do it.  In the heat of your most submissive moment.  Floating in sub space.  Ordered to give.  And obediently complying.  That is when you begin to know your true nature.

BE WARNED!  I intend for you to experience a whole new level of intoxicating devotion when I lead you down the path of unthinking addiction and obedient Financial submission.

Physical pain gets you out of your head but it fades.  Financial pain lasts.  And more importantly, your financial suffering benefits me in a real way.  I love having that power!  You will thank me for hurting you.



5 comments on “Warnings

  1. I know the She Wolf and I know she is always hungry, always looking for something to devour…so I keep my distance (I serve on the lighter side). But I really really like this wolf and want her to know it so I give her tributes…from a distance. This time I gave her a CARP. Special wolves love fish!

    Come play in this wolf’s den…you’ll want to live here.

    bumble bear

    • lol 🙂 Thank you for the fun fish purse tribute, sunny! I am excited about it. And thanks for this great comment. That is right, guys, just stand a safe distance away and toss tributes toward my den. 🙂

  2. I have spent much time licking my wounds and recovering from my first experience with the wolf. Before we started, I read the warnings above, over and over. I wanted to experience just what she referred to above. Let me tell you, I experienced all of it. It is all true, every word above is accurate, I assure you! I begged for more and more constantly and paid dearly.

    I miss the physical pain, I was able to endure and the pleasure of making her happy by doing it. I miss the thrill of being placed in front of her on Skype and being told to make a that scary tribute, or send that gift from her wish list. I miss bareing my mind & body and waiting for her to pounce and feast upon my weaknesses. She took from me willingly, with no reservations, no guilt or remorse, for what she had done. My money easily became hers and i got nothing in return, other than the satisfaction of knowing she enjoyed it.

    My sexual gratification, if you can call masturbation pleasure that, came to be dependent on being able to give unto her and only came upon the occasions we spent together on cam. There were times when just the thought of her could turn me into a drippy faucet. I came to understand that i was truly addicted, just as any other addict. Eventually, I ran out of energy and money and things came to a crashing halt.

    I spoke with her, as Elite Domme, for the first time in a long time last night, and the hunger to be devoured again, has been reawaken. My mind won’t let go of the thought of being consumed and torn to shreads with out regard for my well being. I feel the need to prove to her that I am worthy of sacrificing for her again. Some how I feel the need to make myself so tempting that she can’t help but pounce on me and devastate me again. I find myself drawn to her True Alpha listings on niteflirt staring at them, reading them over and over, wondering if permission to call will come. I am full of hope and desire to become completely addicted again.

    • Wow! I love this comment, poodle! With all the drama from my upcoming move, I did not get by the site for a week and this is a wonderful discovery upon my return. I am so pleased that you appreciate my darker appetites. What fun! Your time with The Wolf will come again when I am ready to take you down. Until then, be a good pet and send your tributes and wait patiently.

  3. I am proud of you poodle. I understand what it has been given and what has been taken and I know the courage you are exhibiting being willing to return. Enjoy it all poodle and bathe in your submission and in her power and feel the ultimate joy that comes with pleasing The Wolf.

    I envy you poodle as I lack the courage to truly be devoured.


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