The She Wolf and the poodle – submissive male phone sex

FemDom phone sexHi playthings,

I wrote the following post many months ago, but I resisted the urge to share it.  I felt it might ignite a hunger in some viewers that I would find irritating.  Before sharing it, I wanted to be sure that I was ready for the potential onslaught of self-destructive moths that would be drawn to my dark flame.  Well, times have changed and I am ready for you, weak little freaks.  So here is my poodle post along with an update at the end.

My freaky little poodle….


Poodle has been mine off and on for a long time. We have taken breaks here and there and she always drifts back. I enjoy her spunky personality. She can be bold and colorful, but poodle has never been especially submissive and I have always been consistently dominant. There has always been a wee disconnect.

As soon as I defined my dark side as The She Wolf, poodle expressed interest. She was so excited. Nervous, even scared, but oh so excited. Poodle couldn’t wait to be consumed. She was my first.

Hungry like The She Wolf

I was nervous, too. This was new for me. Unleashing my darkest impulses. Neither one of us knew what to expect. So we just experimented a lot. And oh my! We had so much fun together. So much fun. And it was all so memorable. For both of us, I think. It was a thrill. To devour my silly poodle. To abuse her so. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. Cracking her wide open. I had never seen my girl be so submissive in all our years of previous play. I had never seen her roll over and offer her underbelly as she did with The Wolf.  Who knew that my gurl was a true masochist?

You cannot consume someone forever, though. It is by nature a finite process. Poodle and I both understood this. We enjoyed it while it lasted. And when the money ran out, and the newness wore off, we saw what was to come and we enjoyed the dying light together.

Submissive phone sexCould poodle have returned to my kinder self, to June, to Elite Domme? Of course she could and perhaps she will in time. But it wouldn’t be the same. We both knew that. Poodle is an adrenaline junky. And an attention whore. And she does not enjoy the mundane aspects of devotion and routine service. That’s exactly why she was drawn to The She Wolf. So when her time of being useful to The Wolf had come to an end, we both understood that she would not be satisfied or satisfying as a devoted servant to my lighter loving self. At least not for a while.

Poodle moved on to serve a new mistress who was more inclined to indulge her inner diva. Posting endless pictures of poodle on blogs and social media and telling poodle’s story over and over. Activities that held no interest for me. I sincerely hoped that she was happy in her service to this new Goddess.

But I suspect that poodle still has darker dreams and enjoys her memories of our time of brutal discovery. I suspect that my delicious poodle still longs for my touch and aches for my pain. And it would not surprise me if poodle comes crawling back one day, offering up all that she has to suffer in any way that might amuse me, even if just for one last moment. To feel my sharp sexy teeth sinking in to her soft sweet spots. Tearing open the wounds again. Sucking her dry again. Feeding until she is achingly empty again.

Do you miss me, ridiculous poodle?

… Licking my lips …



UPDATE:  Poodle has, in fact, come crawling back to me.  Speaking in dreamy terms about our special time together.  Asking if she may serve the wolf again.  I am still weighing my options.  Eventually, I will let you know what happens to the poor little fluffy fag.


Welcome to my dark side – Strict phone sex Domination with an edge of cruelty

Unique phone sex Mistress

FemDom Goddess worship

Do you long to be devoured?

Welcome to my newest website. My name is June Stuart and I am a professional phone sex Goddess. I am also an accomplished artist, designer and writer. And I am an all-around good person. 🙂 But sometimes being a shining light gets tiring. Sometimes I enjoy the cool caress of darkness. This site is about my (mostly) unexplored dark side. (Click here to view listings for my lighter side.  I am still Dominant in those listings.  I am always Dominant.  But I am compassionate there.)

I want to share some of my personal history to give you an idea why I want to explore this area and why I may be uniquely qualified to own the phone sex niche of deeply submissive pervs who want to be consumed. I am a wild soul with an unconventional past and a unique life story that has lead me to this juncture of kink and power.

Dominatrix phone sex

It is time for me to embrace my darkness along with the light.

Starting at the beginning … I was born in the dark. Raised by wolves. In order to survive, I learned to thrive in darkness. I learned the usefulness of cruelty and I learned the value of light. I did not want to grow up to be like my parents. So I cultivated soul. I fed the light. I read ceaselessly. I sought out enlightened teachers. I spent decades healing. I practiced compassion. (Not as well as I would like. I’m still learning compassion.)

For the most part, I succeeded in my quest to live as a thoughtful and caring woman. Most of my long term phone sex callers, would say I have had a positive influence on their lives overall. Not just on their erotic lives. Because I care about them. And because I’m ethical. Rigorously ethical. I am also a generous woman and I am strong and self-aware.

Because I have been tested by life, and because I know myself as a brave and happy woman, I feel comfortable living outside the lines. Outside all the boxes. On the mountaintop. In the elements. I know myself as a force of nature. And now you may know me, too.


But in order to give you (and me!) the opportunity to experience ALL my power, I need to pry the lid off a deep dark well of Sadistic appetites that I have been stuffing down most of my adult life. I need to do this. I need to know how it feels to stop holding back, to stop limiting myself so that others don’t feel threatened. I don’t know if I have a natural gift for sadistic humiliation or for mental manipulation or for financial domination, but I am afraid I probably do. So if I honor the ugly gifts that are my birthright and ruin some weak men who seek my special ugly gifts and in return I get the financial resources to make beautiful hopeful art that inspires more women to become Goddesses, is that unethical? What if the weak men are begging to be ruined? What if I can’t stop myself because it is so fucking easy to ruin them?

Painful phone sex

Maybe I can’t help myself.

Is it OK to use the lost, difficult, narcissistic babies who want to pay me to babysit them while they pull on their dicks? In a world where ALL of my country’s Presidents have been men and nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies are run by men and men are on all the money and men are paid more than women and men feel entitled to make just about every important decision… In a world where male privilege means that even emotionally stunted man-children can get jobs that pay enough for them to spend ridiculous money on their perverted proclivities, is it okay for one wild wolf woman to eat a few of them alive just to see how it feels?

Dark phone sex

Are you ready?

I was raised by a Narcissistic Queen Bitch with no conscience and her submissive sycophant husband, so I have an intimate familiarity with this dangerous territory. And I am very perceptive and way too smart and I have untapped potential to destroy weak men. So a long neglected ugly part of me wants to claim my dark family legacy. I guess I need to face my fears and see if my best self can endure and sustain me while I allow myself to explore that darkness?  Maybe I need to give myself up to this just like you do?

Good callers do not need to be afraid. You can call my EliteDomme listings. But if you are not such a good gurl or boi and you are brave enough to admit that you long to be preyed upon, please follow my calling instructions here and report for duty.  I am excited to learn about you.

Your new (or renewed) Goddess,

The She Wolf